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Europe photos- Paris September 23, 2010

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Seeing this photos back in December 2008 make me happy as I do not feel as left out not going to Paris and London with the rest of the class. The photos are taken around various places, such Paris, Brussels, Salzburg, Amsterdam, Liechtenstein (which produces stamps, how exciting), a couple of places around Germany such as Cologne, Black Forest, and finally Zurich. Out of these places, I do not really like Belgium, as basically like the tour guide said, it is like Paris, just not as good. Mainly, these are photos of architecture and i think after the novelty of Parisian architecture, Belgium achitecture seems boring and like a bad copy basically as it is not as rich in history.

Side view of The Eiffel tower. I rather like this photo due to the unique angle. However, the weather was quite bad so i edited the sky colour by a bit.

Arc-de triomphe, built to commemorate France’s victory during WWI. As it was too big, I could not get a full view and this is the best angle that i could get.

Ferris Wheel built for the Christmas Festival. This photo is actually taken on the tour bus in passing. I really like the composition, how everything is framed but as usual, the weather was horrible and the sky was grey so i did some work on it.The ferris wheel is actually quite big and I feel that it is quite a waste to destroy it after a month a Christmas festival.

Night view of Galeries La Fayette, Paris’s largest department store.

This is one of my favourite photos from the trip, which really shows that the best photos are taken unintentionally. Moreover, this is taken on the tour bus. Though there is no architecture in this photo, there is a very European feel to it due to the 3 men dressed in formal black. I like this photo as it seems to tell a story, and i feel like these 3 men are spies or something exciting. They are identical with black coats, fedora hats and white beards. One of them is apparently gesturing while talking and I just cannot help but wonder what their story is.


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