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Lino print September 23, 2010

Filed under: artworks — wuhuyumo @ 2:41 am

We worked with Lino print in 2009 and it is really fun to do, mainly because its the first time and is different from the types of art that we usually do. The theme of the lino print is self- portrait, which is quite easy to do as the self portrait can be a simple portrait. This is because a lot of details are unable to be cut from the lino. However, after doing my self portrait, i faced another dilemma, which is the design of the background. I think that other than the self portrait itself, the background should show your personality. I do not think I did this well as i messed up cutting the background, so in a bout of quick thinking, I changed it into a jigsaw puzzle as a jigsaw was able to hide many of my cutting errors for the background. Also, i cut out all the pieces of the jigsaw to balance out the colour and white parts of the print as I am afraid that my print will come out too dark. The colour scheme was quite random in a way, as we did not have much time to print on the day itself and we had a deadline, thus i picked the print with the ink printed the most evenly, which happened to be this green one.

My pose was decided when i was browsing my Facebook photographs for inspiration for a self portrait. Thus, this print is adapted from a group photo taken at the end of Secondary 2 when we all missedcour class and each other. i am unable to upload the original photo as i deactivated my facebook account -.-


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