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Poster colour painting September 23, 2010

Filed under: artworks — wuhuyumo @ 2:46 pm

This is a poster painting done in late 2007 or early 2008. I am used to sketching still life, and this is the first and one of the few times that i tried painting it. The carrot was easy enough to paint, while I struggled with the cauliflower. I am unsure to paint it with tiny details or just paint a rough likeness. I decided on the latter as it was almost impossible to recreate every single detail. I used light to bring out the roundness in shape and yet to show that it is an irregular shape. I think as I spent a lot more time on it as compared to the carrot, it might look even nicer than the carrot, which shows that hard work indeed pays off.

As this was one of the few paintings that I did as I do not really like painting, I think i learnt a lot in terms of painting each picture as a whole instead of focusing on tiny inexistent little details. I also learnt the importance of light and shadow and how to use them, particularly in still life.


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