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Watercolour painting September 23, 2010

Filed under: artworks — wuhuyumo @ 2:48 pm

This is a A3 watercolour painting done in the year 2008.

It is painted based on a painting in a book instead of the actual scenery. I think this is partly the reason why the colours are slightly superficial and looks too bright/cheery and colourful for a real life scenery. Also, this is my first time painting scenery and I was really nervous at first, painting and repainting each small bit of the picture. However, I learnt to let go and not paint every little detail, but instead adding on the layers and details as I paint, looking at the painting as a whole.

I think the fact that this painting looks nice cheers me up just like the bright colours. I feel that the painting looks nicer from far(ok most art do)  as the brushstrokes are still not very well developed and are not even. I think it is a good try on account that it was one of my first tries and though it may not be very successful, I learnt a lot from it such as painting, positioning of subject matter etc.

As can be seen from the photo, this painting is framed and to be viewed from a distance as it is painted in a more impressionistic style and only from far, can the brain process and fully merge all the colours together. It does not look as nice near due to the colours not blended well and rather choppy brushstrokes.


5 Responses to “Watercolour painting”

  1. 'sa He Says:

    COOL I really like this painting!

    The composition is good and the colors really exude a sense of freedom and makes me feel relaxed. I think the reflection in the pond was very well done, and also the grasses in the foreground and surrounding the pond. The clouds look really fluffy and nice too!

    (Actually why did he ask your to use watercolor huh, i think this scenery goes better with more opaque colors like this, because the transparent quality of watercolors make sceneries lose some of its vibrancy, hence making it a less-strong painting in terms of evoking happiness and freedom. So it’s actually good you “overpainted” the watercolor such that it does not look so transparent anymore. Yeah 😀

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  3. clockdumb Says:

    Hello, this is yijing!

    From what I can see, the painting looks very well done. The contrasting colors of blue and yellow brightly light the picture and brings attention to it. I think the pool of water is very nicely painted, as the calmness and shimmering of the water is very well portrayed. Although from this tiny picture I can’t really see clearly, but I think you managed to incorporate all the essence of impressionistic painting — the painterly brushstrokes, rather flat composition use of pure colors.

    However, perhaps you could’ve toned the background and grass patch more, as now they look very flat.

    • clockdumb Says:

      By the way, I think the medium is not water color… It should be poster color! And at a closer look, the brushstrokes are actually quite detailed.

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