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sketch #2 September 24, 2010

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Pencil sketch, A3, late 2007.

I think the colours are contrasting as the pot is black while the glass is transparent. I think I have done the shading for both quite well. For the pot, I am trying to show its smooth texture and the glossyness of it while for the two bottles, I am trying to portray the transparency of the bottles. Though i think both are quite well done, I think in a way they do not belong well together due to the too harsh a contrast, which became even greater thanks to the scanner.



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Pencil sketch, A3 done in 2007.

Sketch of a jar and a random ornamental item. First one up in my next series of pencil sketches this was done rather early and thus, lacks maturity. I also think the rendering and shading is not particularly well done  but then again, practice makes perfect.


Sketch of shoe

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Sketch of Shoe

Medium: Pencil

Done in 2007.

This is a sketch done during my art lesson and depicts a sketch of my teacher’s boot. For still life sketches, I am more used to drawing fruits and vegetables so it is quite a new experience to draw something new. The hardest part about this is to show the creases of the shoe for a more natural look, and to use light and shadow to portray this. I think shows quite good effort and is one of my best among a collection of shoe drawings and I think i did well on the shading and rendering of this sketch, making it look very realistic.


Inspiration: Guido Daniele

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This inspiration post is dedicated to Guido Daniele, an Italian artist born in 1950 who currently resides in Milan.He specialises in body art, and is famous for his paintings of hands. He is awarded Hero of the Year for his adaptations of animals using his hands.

He not just experiments with different types of painting but also different hand positions. I think it’s quite cool to look at his bare hands and to figure out a position and a suitable animal to draw on them.

Besides his hand paintings, I really like his latest work of body art. They are black and white and rather simplistic , like my installation.

This is how the set of photographs is created. This is actually quite simple to carry out, basically painting every part of the model white except the part that the artist wants to ephasise on. however, I think the idea’s really good and is simple yet strong.


Inspiration: Day of Silence

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The Day of Silence is an annual event created to speak up for the LGBT( Lesbians, Queers, Bisexuals and Transexuals) by using silence. I realised that this form of silence protest is in fact a way of speaking up. The purpose of the Day of Silence is tobring attention to anti LGBT name-calling, bullying and harrassment and effective responses. The Day of Silence started in 1996, students at the University of Virginia organized the first Day of Silence in response to a class assignment on non-violent protests. Over 150 students participated in this inaugural DOS. In 1997, organizers took their effort nationally and nearly 100 colleges and universities participated.

Students take some form of a vow of silence in an effort to encourage schools and classmates to address the problem of anti-LGBT behavior. The event is designed to illustrate the silencing effect of this bullying and harassment on LGBT students and those perceived to be LGBT and attracts up to hundred thousands of students.

Front of card.

Back of Card for 2009.

Badge for 2009.

Eversince, Secondary 1, we have been doing this with the Day of Silence even being a class event back when we were Sec 2. I think most people participated only for the fun of it but they do not realise the true meaning and do not understand the purpose of doing so. This year’s Day of Sience was in 16 April 2010. I wanted to participate with my classmates, however, I was in Beijing at the time. A few of us still managed to participate, by using silence and I found out even some of my local classmates are aware, which shows that the event is very successful as despite the block of the Great Firewall of China, the chinese are still willing to take part and find out more about this.


Europe photos- all others September 23, 2010

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In a way, I grouped my photos here into paris, and everything else. I guess this is because Pari is the first European place i have been and I stayed there the longest. In my opinion, I think it also has the best architecture, and my novelty to European architecture wore off after a while.

Some Apple sculpture in Brussels

This is a seaside town somewhere in Germany which is a stopover point so I am not sure what it is called. Even if i do know, there is no way that I will be able to spell it nor pronounce it.  This was the only sunny day whereby the sky does not need photoshop but i did anyway.

Moving on to Germany, I got to experience a new type of architecture, which is more gothic, especially so in Cologne.

Switzerland, Chapel Bridge.

A random picture of birds somewhere along the road trip.

Another one of those un-intentional caught in the moment photos that turned out better than expected.


Pinhole Photos

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This was done in 2009, pinhole photographs taken around school. The term we tried photography was quite fun as I never tried pinhole photography before. Moreover, though i took photos before, i never did actually observe the school and find unique angle to take photos from so that’s quite interesting too. I realised that there are a lot of points to take note of in manual( is this a word?) or non-digital photography. I realised that aperture, shutter speed is crucial to a good photo and i dependant on the light, which we sometimes have to gauge ourselves as there are too little light detector machines around. One of my first photos came out underdeveloped as it was taken indoors instead of outdoors. I had not realised that the light indoors is a lot less than that outdoors, for i felt that the area outside the auditorum was quite bright due to the open space and the windows at the top to let light in. However, that is nothing compared to actual, direct sunlight and I had gauged the amount of light all wrong.

I think the angle’s rather good however the colour seems a bit harsh, too much of black and white but not enough of grey and I’m not sure whether i should decrease or increase the exposure time.

Side track of the school. Building and trees in one.