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My chinese SIA September 24, 2010

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Poster design for my final product, a movie review poster. I quite like the poster design, simple set, with the main character( the girl) and the director both dressed in red. The photo quality is quite bad as i literally took a picture of my computer screen as this is a word document and i really dont know how else to put it on wordpress.


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Some design for my Biology Sia, which is all rushed out within a night, kind of like AEP actually except I gave aep a week?

Powerpoint slide design

Clearer view of cockroach

This SIA is on dissection of a cockroach and looks rather disgusting so I made mine more aesthetically appealing by adding this cute cockroach everywhere. I think this is so cute that I do not even find my cockroach dissection disgusting anymore.


Sketch #4

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Pencil sketch, 2008, A3.

Along with the last one, this is one of my better sketches. Technique-wise, this one is better than the last one but it has a more common and boring subject matter and thus, does not stand out as much as the last. I think i rendered the tomatoes well, I even like sketching round objects know to try out my “shade to make round objects look round” technique. I like the Spring Onion too though I was quite worried about it when I started sketching due to its root. i realise that just bringing out the root on the whole looks better and it turned out better than expected.


Sketch #3

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Pencil sketch, 2008, A3

The scanner’s not really good at bringing out the contrast of this sketch as this is quite a light toned piece. However, I think this is one of the best i have done. I think the shading for the pot is well done as after much practice as shown earlier on, i have a better grasp of shading so as to make objects look “round” and 3-dimensional. I also like the pie/puff/big cookie-like thing with the fork. Overall, I think that my art teacher placed this composition well as it reminds me of a afternoon’s tea for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Maybe this is my motivation to do a good job.


sketch #2

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Pencil sketch, A3, late 2007.

I think the colours are contrasting as the pot is black while the glass is transparent. I think I have done the shading for both quite well. For the pot, I am trying to show its smooth texture and the glossyness of it while for the two bottles, I am trying to portray the transparency of the bottles. Though i think both are quite well done, I think in a way they do not belong well together due to the too harsh a contrast, which became even greater thanks to the scanner.



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Pencil sketch, A3 done in 2007.

Sketch of a jar and a random ornamental item. First one up in my next series of pencil sketches this was done rather early and thus, lacks maturity. I also think the rendering and shading is not particularly well done  but then again, practice makes perfect.


Sketch of shoe

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Sketch of Shoe

Medium: Pencil

Done in 2007.

This is a sketch done during my art lesson and depicts a sketch of my teacher’s boot. For still life sketches, I am more used to drawing fruits and vegetables so it is quite a new experience to draw something new. The hardest part about this is to show the creases of the shoe for a more natural look, and to use light and shadow to portray this. I think shows quite good effort and is one of my best among a collection of shoe drawings and I think i did well on the shading and rendering of this sketch, making it look very realistic.